The Concept

Corporate Barter involves exchanging of company’s inventory i.e., goods or services, with media, services, or products that they require At, AETHER, we help our clients to use their inventory to enhance their media spending. We work in collaboration with our client/clients’ agencies. We strive to provide them with best possible solution in terms of media options and pricing against their inventory.

Benefits Of Barter

Incremental Sales & New Marketplace

Transacting on barter basis increases the sales volumes as we guarantee sales to the clients against their purchases. Barter also provides new set of clients, which could turn into potential customers later on. We connect you to a pool of clients where your products or services will be exchanged with others. 

No One To One Trading Hassles

Corporate Barter helps you avoid all one to one trading hassles. We help client transact with single point of contact (AETHER) for all that your business needs of buying & selling.

 Liquidate Excess & Under-utilised Inventories

We help clear your excess inventories in various schemes and promotions against media. Also, for someone like hotel where occupancy is always a challenge, we help them do media against their underutilized inventories. 

Reducing Cash Outflow

Simply pay through your own product or services rather than spending cash. 


All transactions are done on billing and hence providing transparency to our clients. All books are to be reconciled before end of every financial year. All compliances related to GST, TDS, TCS and other statuary compliances are met.
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